PREDiCT: Tumour Models 2018

PREDiCT: Tumour Models Summit
4-6 December 2018 – London, UK

PREDiCT: Tumour Models London Summit returns for its 7th year and takes a reinvigorated approach towards closing the translational gap between predictable preclinical validation and successful clinical development.
The meeting will dive into how emerging and classical model systems continue to evolve the early-stage decision making to more effectively support the translation from bench to patient.
With 21 Case Studies, 8 Session Panels, 2 Topic Deep Dives, more than 10 Hours of Networking, and a more interactive format to the meeting agenda, Tumour Models London remains the leading forum for translational and preclinical scientists to really challenge how we optimise IO and Oncology-based research.
So, whether you’re looking to benchmark your model approach or are seeking to explore new systems and technologies, Tumour Models London offers you an unique opportunity to plug into a ready-made network of peers who continue to redefine this area and have already solved the variety of challenges you’re facing.

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4-6 décembre, 2018


Londres, UK


Hanson Wade