From Bench to Biotech: France-Canada perspectives and success stories

You are a PhD/MS, a Researcher from Academia, Student in biotherapy field and wish to build your Biotech ?
Why not make your own successful story in Canada or in France ?

Participate to the webinar «From Bench to Biotech: France-Canada perspectives and success stories», June 2-3, 2021 co-organized by MabDesign, French Embassy in Canada, LabEx MAbImprove and Mitacs.

Register to listen the Presentations from successful Biotech Founders and to be informed about Valorisation, Transfert of biotechnologies, Funding in Canda and in France.


Day 1  – Wednesday 2nd June 2021

8:00 AM (PDT)/ 17:00 (UTC+2) Welcome Address

8:20 AM (PDT) / 17:20 (UTC+2) Session Biotech founder’s testimonies

  • Pierre-Olivier GOINEAU, CEO, Stromacare, Lyon, FR (View his presentation)
  • Mohammed MOIN, CEO, Somru BioSciences, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • Laurence BRESSAC, Co-founder, CEO, Encefa, Paris, FR
  • Padma KODUKULA, Chief Business Officer, Precision Nanosystems, Vancouver, BC
  • Marjorie SIDHOUM, Business Operation Director, Domain Therapeutics, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, FR (View her presentation)
  • Kévin HEYRIES, Head of Business Development, AbCellera, Vancouver, BC

Panel table with all the speakers to answer live questions

11:00 AM (PDT)/ 20:00 (UTC+2) End of the day 1


Day 2  – Thursday 3rd June 2021

8:00 AM (PDT)/ 17:00 (UTC+2) Session Technology Valorisation and Transfer Organisations

  • Valentine Panel, Innovation project manager, Linksium, Grenoble, FR
  • Michel PEREZ, Head of Therapeutic Innovation Development, Institut Pasteur Paris, FR,
  • Parimal NATHWANI, President & CEO, TIAP, Toronto, ON
  • Mounia AZZI, VP of Partnerships, AdMare Bio, Vancouver, BC

9:00 AM (PDT)/ 18:00 (UTC+2) Session Funding Organisations

  • David BOUJO, Head of development and ecosystems I Deeptech Division, Bpifrance, Paris, FR
  • Sonia NOUR, International Program Advisor, NRCC, Canada (View the presentation)
  • Gina SOPARLO, Business Development and Partnerships Director, Global Affairs Canada (BID) and Mitacs (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) (View the presentation)

Panel table with all the speakers to answer live questions

10:30 AM (PDT)/ 19:30 (UTC+2) End of the day 2

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June 2-3, 2021




French Embassy in Canada
LabEx MAbImprove