9th Antibody Industrial Symposium

9th Antibody Industrial Symposium
June 22-25, 2021 – Now Virtual !
Registration is open!

Following the latest updates on the evolution of the Covid-19 health situation, MabImprove and MabDesign have thus decided to virtualized this edition of the AIS congress. We will thus provide you a virtual event congress featuring online sessions, video virtual networking, and poster session. Moreover we have decided to extended the event to 4 days!

We hope you can joins us virtually !

This year the AIS Congress will be in digital format, with 3 days of scientific conferences, instead of 2, and 1 day totally dedicated to virtual business meetings and workshops. Moreover, this edition will not only address the field of therapeutic antibodies and alternative formats, but also discuss the latest advances in the field of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) by highlighting the latest technological innovations and next generation immunotherapy formats.

The topics covered during this meeting are:

  • New Engineering Approaches for the next generation of therapeutic antibodies and alternative fusion formats
  • Adoptive cell therapy : latest advancements
  • Enhancing Immunotherapy Efficacy and Safety : new preclinical models
  • New trends in ADCs Development
  • Drug Discovery and Biomarkers
  • mAbs against COVID-19 pandemic
  • Targeting the brain with biologics drugs
  • Driving innovative drugs into clinical success
  • Improving Developability & CMC of biotherapies

The purpose of this congress is to foster interactions between academic labs and pharmaceutical industries in the field of therapeutic antibodies and ATMPs. Last edition, the AIS2020, counted with the presence of more than 300+ participants from 15 different countries representing more than 170+ organizations and with 300+ BtoB meetings taking place.

Several sponsorship packages with presentation slots, company visibility in digital media supports and access to all the conference events are available!

Registration is OPEN!



June 22-25, 2021




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