Our Mission

1 – Structure the French industrial sector in the biotherapy field

MabDesign aims to structure the French sector by promoting networking and support the stakeholder’s skills development. To attain this goal, MabDesign is deploying several actions:

  • Build and implement a unique nationwide directory of biotherapy stakeholders allowing the identification of expertise and potential partners.
  • Mobilize and support a scientific and industrial network through regular conferences and workshops, thus promoting innovation and networking between high-profile experts.
  • Provide access to innovative and dedicated technological and scientific training solutions and skills development support according to the sector requirements.


2 – Reinforce companies’ development & competitiveness worldwide

MabDesign supports the economic development of SMEs. To achieve this goal, MabDesign makes available to its members a set of business and strategic services to increase company’s competiveness:

  • Personalized Marketing Analysis allowing a comprehensive knowledge of its environment through technological, regulatory, competitiveness and market studies. This service will allow the company to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its service or product thus optimizing its positioning in the sector as well as identify new opportunities and threats.
  • Business Development Support either by accompanying or representing your services in international partnering meetings or in specialized conferences, or either help you explore new opportunities of development in France or abroad.
  • Business Intelligence & Technology Watch through specific tools of surveillance in order to contribute to the intellectual property protection of your products or services and thereby build or maintain a competitive advantage.

3 – Contribute to the development and production of biomolecules

The structuration of the sector and the specific support services available to the companies will allow the France to have stakeholders in all the steps of the value chain and thus position itself as a world leader in the development of biotherapies as well as a country with the skills and technology for the bioproduction of these biopharmaceuticals.

This becomes a reality trough the:

  • Involvement of all national actors of innovation (competitiveness clusters, entities contributing to the economic development) on the biotherapy and biopharmaceuticals domains coordinated by MabDesign;
  • the presence and active involvement of the French pharmaceutical industry;




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