About MabDesign

MabDesign, the French biotherapy industry association, aims to structure the biopharmaceutical industry in France from its R&D phases to biomanufacturing and marketing. Its objective is also to promote the creation of innovative start-ups resulting from academic research, to increase the visibility of the biopharmaceutical industry, to promote exchanges, to support the development and competitiveness of companies, and to stimulate innovation.

 To achieve this objective, MabDesign is setting up a coherent set of actions promoting exchanges, collaborations and the development of skills of the sector’s players, as well as supporting companies through tailored studies (intellectual property, innovation financing, market research, marketing & innovation management, business development and monitoring). Operational since September 2015, MabDesign member companies include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, service providers, training organizations, high-tech equipment suppliers and specialized consultants.

MabDesign is strategically located in Lyon, at the heart of Europe.

MabDesign is your innovation link to the industrial field of biotherapy. 

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