Key Success Factors in Conducting a Translational Clinical Study

Key Success Factors in Conducting a Translational Clinical Study
Thursday, January 19, 2023
11:00 AM ET | 5:00 PM CET (Duration: 45 Minutes)
Webinar with Live Q&A

Precision and biomarker-driven clinical studies are becoming increasingly common in today’s clinical development landscape. These trials carry specific challenges around clinical sample collection, management, and analysis. Understanding how to effectively plan and manage the full clinical sample lifecycle is crucial for both clinical operations and translational research, as the analyses done on these samples can affect study decisions, end-of-study submissions, and future planning.

This webinar will feature experts with experience in supporting hundreds of clinical studies. They will share key approaches to overcome complexity and logistical hurdles, as well as ways to promote a seamless handshake between clinical operations and translational research – including two case studies where creative approaches for samples collection and management were needed to ensure sample consistency and assay data quality.


What you will learn:

For clinical operations, biomarker operations, clinical trial managers, and others involved in managing trials or samples:

  • Significance of biomarkers and biomarker assays in precision medicine trials
  • Effective planning around primary, secondary, and exploratory endpoints
  • Overcoming operational challenges of clinical sample collection and related data management

For translational and biomarker researchers or other scientists:

  • How assay needs and trial design impact sample collection and logistics
  • Effective ways to work with clinical operations to ensure the best quality samples for your biomarker and other assays


Thursday, January 19, 2023




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