OCR – new member

OCR is specialized (1) in Comparative Medicine studies with Drug/MedTech candidates Human health (2) the design and the monitoring of Pilot & Pivotal Clinical Studies of Dogs/Cats for the Vet market and (3) non-GLP preclinical histology/IHC.

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Cepheid – new member

Cepheid is striving to deliver the benefits of seamlessly accessible molecular testing closer to the patients.

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Schrödinger is a Sponsor of the MabDesign Network

Schrödinger supports the MabDesign Network. Schrödinger is the scientific leader in computational chemistry, providing software solutions and services for life science and materials science research, as well as enterprise-level software platforms.

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PhinC Development – new member

PhinC Development is the expert partner for small to medium sized pharmaceutical or biotech companies, who need to move forward in early drug research.

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ACS Biotech – new member

ACS Biotech is an innovative start up in biotechnology. Created in 2013, we develop tissue repair solutions based on natural polymers such as chitosan.

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