XEGEN – new member

XEGEN is a bioinformatic company specialized in NGS « Next Generation Sequencing » data analysis.

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4th edition Bioproduction of Immunotherapies

The 4th edition of the Bioproduction of Immunotherapies co-organized by MabDesign and Medicen Paris Region took place at Biocitech on September 24th 2019.This growing event gathered together more than 130 participants from over 90 companies to discuss and learn more about the latest innovations on the Immunotherapies Bioproduction.

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7th Antibody Industrial Symposium AIS2019

The 7th edition of the Antibody Industrial Symposium AIS2019 was held on June 24th & 25th 2019 in the Vinci International Convention Centre of Tours.This growing event was this year dedicated to “Harnessing the Immune System with Therapeutic Antibodies” major theme chosen by the Scientific Advisory Board. The AIS2019 allowed to gather +350 attendees from start-ups, SME, big industrials & academics based in more than 15 different countries with the will to exchange and make advance the therapeutic antibody field.

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PX’Therapeutics, a French pioneer in the production of customized recombinant proteins, offers custom-made protein production for academic laboratories, companies and start-up that require quality proteins to perform preliminary studies (in-vitro/in-vivo).

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