About us

ACOBIOM is a French biotech company specialized in the discovery of Omic biomarkers and the development of predictive diagnostics tests focused on precision medicine applications.


Omic biomarkers (ADN/ARN), Next Generation Sequencing (RNA Seq), RT-PCR, Data science, Bioinformatics

Business offer

Acobiom developed many capabilities in the bioinformatics analysis of gene expression and in the identification of RNA biomarkers that are specific to the studied pathology or biological question.
Our scientific team is using a unique and patented technological Omic platform based on New Generation Sequencing (NGS) and real-time PCR associated with proprietary bioinformatics and biostatistics tools.
The Company has established expertise and tools based on NGS systems that enable it to meet FDA guidelines in an accurate and effective manner, including FDA submission.
Our team is offering both:
- Collaboration/Partnering for the identification/validation of omic biomarkers involved in Companion diagnostic and precision medicine applications.
- Services for genomic and pharmacogenomic biomarkers analyses dedicated to research and diagnosis applications.

Field of application
  • biomarkers
Therapeutic application
  • cardiology
  • infectiology
  • immunology
  • oncology


  • Research exploratory Companion biomarkers
  • Bioinformatics design
  • Bioinformatics prediction & analysis
  • Animal biomarkers
  • Human biomarkers
  • Predictive biomarkers
  • Treatment efficacy
  • Population stratification
  • Risk/benefit profile
  • Disease progression / follow-up
  • Pharmacology
  • Treatment efficacy
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Toxicity


  • Service