MabDesign is a membership organization dedicated
to the creation of a unique environment that allows the economic development
and growth of the French industrial sector in the field of therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy.

Issued from governmental and health industry recommendations, MabDesign was created in November of 2014
and is strategically located in Lyon, at the heart of Europe.

MabDesign is your innovation link to the industrial field of therapeutic antibodies.

MaBDeSIGn Team

The MabDesign Team is composed of dynamic and proactive staff with complementary skills.
Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with your enquiry.

Stéphane Legastelois

Francis Carré
Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas Groux
Chief Operating Officer

Ana Antunes
Science and Communication Officer

Marie-Pierre Micoud
Head of Training

Dominique Pons
Head of Business Development

Eva Cosson
Business Development Manager

MaBDesign Board OF Directors

The MabDesign Board of Directors is composed of its founders:

3 pharmaceutical companies




5 bioclusters






The Board of Directors is responsible for defining MabDesign strategic orientation,
general policy and approval of both financial and engaging
actions as well as ensuring an effective administration.

The MabDesign Board of Directors reflects MabDesign purposes.
Gathering together stakeholders from the therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy fields
towards a common goal: to bring innovation and prosperity to the French industrial sector in this field.

Scientific Advisory Board – COSSF

Creation of a scientific advisory board to support the MabDesign scientific programs.
It contributes to the strategic scientific plans of action in the sector
in order to foster innovation and economic development of companies.

Comité d’orientation stratégique et scientifique de la filière – COSSF


Alain Beck
Centre d’Immunologie Pierre-Fabre

Committee Member
Paul Baduel

Committee Member
Christophe de Romeuf
LFB Biotechnologies

Committee Member
Jean-Louis Pinquier



Committee Member
Jean-François Prost
GamaMabs Pharma

Committee Member
Jérôme Tiollier
Innate Pharma

Committee Member
Bernard Vanhove

Committee Member
Hervé Watier
Labex MabImprove


Our MiSSion

The therapeutic antibody field is :
– a growing health sector : $75 billion of revenues in 2013 worldwide
– a network of dynamic SMEs with innovative services : more than 200 in France
– an extensive landscape of antibody developers and producers
– an international marketplace full of opportunities

Three strategic axes of action :

I. Structure the French industrial sector in the therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy field

– identify the stakeholders in the field
– build and implement a national directory
– analyze and define the specific needs in mAbs development
– mobilize and support a scientific and industrial network through regular conferences and workshops
– provide specific technological and scientific training according to the sector requirements

II. Reinforce companies’ development & competitiveness worldwide

– support the commercialization of SMEs’ services
– accelerate the international awareness of existing French commercial offers
– foster relationships between members for shared successful projects
– create and promote customized synergistic solutions to better answer unmet needs

III. Contribute to the development of biomolecules in France

– promote international visibility of national stakeholders
– mobilize and support a strong network of antibody service providers

What We Do

We develop initiatives that provide strategic leverage and contribute to key outputs,
thus creating development opportunities for our members.

  • Directory of Antibody Stakeholders
  • MabDesign Training
  • Business development
  • Event organization

Directory of Antibody Stakeholders

– construction of a unique database exclusively dedicated to the therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy field

– gathering academic and industrial actors in a unique information tool, thus allowing the identification of expertise and potential partners

– including developers, technology suppliers and service providers: integrated into the process by know-how and identified by skill according to one’s need

– increasing stakeholders visibility worldwide

– A unique nationwide database

MabDesign Training

The therapeutic antibody field is a complex and fast-evolving pharmaceutical sector that faces major challenges. Organizations need to be responsive and need more than ever to rely on people and teams at the cutting-edge of knowledge, ready to adapt and change what they do, and the way they do it.


MabDesign aims at making existing training courses easily available to their members and contribute to the development of a comprehensive range of innovative training programs specifically designed to meet the therapeutic antibody industrial sector needs, today and tomorrow.

Business development

– a customized offer designed according to the member’s requirements

– commercial targeting: identify best prospects and best strategic approach

– promote member services to potential clients during partnering conferences and dedicated meetings

– creation of new integrated services: including the combined expertise of several members, generating a high value straightforward service in order to fulfill unmet needs of the antibody and immunotherapy developers

Event organization

– dedicated workshops, round-tables and conferences

– promotion of innovation

– learn about new products and technologies

– connect and enlarge your network

– reinforce collaborations and partnerships

EVents & News

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Bâtiment Domilyon
321, avenue Jean Jaurès
69007 Lyon
Tel. +33 (0)4 78 02 39 88

Email : contact(at)mabdesign.fr


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